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Roxie Noir

Convict - Roxie Noir (Signed Preorder)

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This preorder is for a signed, but not personalized paperback.
Preorder closes 6/30 and will ship in early to mid August.

I never wanted to be good. Not until I met her.
Five years in prison was supposed to reform me, but it didn't teach me sh*t.

I tried to start fresh: new name, new town, new life. No more raising hell, no more women whose names I don't bother learning, no more running from the law.

Yeah, I f*cked that up in no time at all, but it doesn't matter. I've never liked anything but trouble - and Luna is trouble with a capital T.

She's smart as a whip, headstrong, f*cking gorgeous... and a cop.

I know I can't have her. She'll see through my lies in seconds. She deserves a happy ending I know I can't give her.

Hell, with the demons from my past chasing me down, I can't even keep her safe.

All I can give Luna is trouble, and I know it. But I can't stay away.

I don't mind being a little bad.

I date nice men. If I keep saying it, it'll be true, right?

That means I don't date the sexy, rakish, tattoo-covered mechanic who's got one dimple and a lifetime of working with his hands. I don't need a man who lies to the police, obviously has problems with authority... and who growls filthy things into my ear when we're alone.

It doesn't matter if one glance from Stone makes me want to tear my clothes off, I don't fantasize about someone who's a suspect in a double arson.

Even if the way he calls me detective turns me into a puddle.

I can spot trouble from a mile away, and trouble's the last thing I need.


NOTE: this is a second edition re-release of Convict! It's a full-length, 90,000-word novel with a happily-ever-after ending.