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Roxie Noir

Ride - Roxie Noir (Signed Preorder)

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This preorder is for a signed, but not personalized paperback.
Preorder closes 6/30 and will ship in early to mid August.

It’s the last-minute chance of a lifetime: photograph the World Rodeo Championships.

There are only a couple of rules: don’t get in the way, don’t get trampled, and don’t get frisky with the cowboys.

As if I need to be told. I tried that once when I was dumb, drunk, and eighteen, and no matter how good it felt I’m not about to make that mistake again. I’m here to make a name for myself, not become another buckle bunny.

I’m a professional, and I don’t care how charming Jackson Cody, two-time World Rodeo Champion, might be.

Even if it turns out he does remember our brief encounter all those years ago when I was dumb and drunk.

And especially not if he wants to re-start right where we left off.

It’s a terrible idea. This gig is the beginning of the rest of my life. A foot in the door. A way to prove I can be taken seriously, and Jackson is nothing more than pretty eyes, a cocky smile, and a mouth that makes the phrase yes ma’amsound absolutely filthy.

Problem is, I know what else that mouth can do, and Jackson’s only gotten better with time.

I’ve got a five-year plan. He barely thinks more than eight seconds ahead.

But when he rides?